Recipe is a list of components required to create an item in a production building. Recipes can contain components of different qualities.

To unlock new recipes, you'll need three key components.

Research points

The owner of a production facility can both manufacture goods and rent out the building. Each item produced earns research points, which are then credited to the corresponding production building. In essence, these points represent the 'experience' of a production facility. The more orders a building fulfills and the higher its workload, the faster it can accumulate these points.


There is a fee to open a new recipe (paid in TFT). Once unlocked, players can use the recipe, and the owner can get passive income by setting the rental price for producing goods with this recipe.


This resource is located within the game world and can be found in deposits situated in the most dangerous parts of the map. Players must not only extract Cryptogen but also successfully transfer it to their storage. Due to its instability, Cryptogen requires special containers for safe storage and transportation.

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