Stats system

Players will be able to customize the features of licensed avatars. What are these features?


The main feature of the avatar in the game world. Watch this parameter to keep your avatar alive.


When performing game actions, your avatar always uses its energy. Watch the stamina parameter to maintain the necessary level of power.

Carrying capacity

In 2040WORLD you will be extracting resources. The more you can carry, the more you can sell at auction or use for production. But keep in mind that your equipment also has weight so choose it according to your game goals.

Running speed

The faster your avatar moves, the faster you can explore the game world. However, the higher your running speed, the lower the other parameters are.


The higher attention parameter your avatar has, the more items and important objects in the location you notice. Increase the level of attention and running speed if you want to explore the game world rather than fighting other players.

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